This is a blog for broke amateur chefs (and possibly other crafty people, I haven’t quite decided what all will go here just yet) who want to enjoy delicious food without reducing their pocket contents to lint.

As someone who experiences massive social (and general) anxiety, especially in public places like grocery stores, I know that it can be so much easier to grab a box of ramen and a pack of frozen burritos than deal with crowded stores and daunting lists. I would often find tasty-looking meals online that had an ingredient list as long as my arm and end up paring it down to essentials and making due without the rest. Sometimes it turned out awesome. Sometimes I ended up in the McDonald’s drive-thru feeling like an utter failure and burden on society.

It is my hope to save at least one other person that trip, because it’s not a fun one.

I don’t really have a posting schedule or anything like that, I just kind of write when the inspiration strikes. If you like what you see, don’t be shy with the love 🙂


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