PSA Regarding Mustard Greens

So, I usually get kale as a dark leafy green to add to my delicious breakfast juice every morning, but last week Kroger was out and so I grabbed some mustard greens instead.

Usually I only add one or two leaves– you can’t really taste them though their nutrients are there– but this morning I grabbed about six so I could make sure to use them up before they started wilting. I balled them up, stuffed them in the juicer, and went about my juicing routine like normal. Except that, when I took my first sip, I made a horrible discovery that has been haunting me today with every burp (or would be, if ladies burped, which we do not.)

Mustard greens are very spicy. Now that you have read this, never, ever forget it.

Say it to yourself in the mirror as you’re brushing your teeth before bed.

Leave sticky notes for yourself on the fridge.

Record yourself saying it and make it the sound that plays whenever you get a notification from my blog, which you should make sure you are following right now!

Do not let the ambush that fell upon my mouth this morning trip you up when you are bleary-eyed and not yet caffeinated.

I added an apple to smooth out the taste, but the spice just kept creeping back in and I didn’t have time to doctor the juice further. This is not to say that I won’t be using mustard greens again, only to say that I will be using them in moderation and perhaps with different juice recipes. I do rather like spicy V8, so I may go for something like that next time.

You have been warned…

Stay tuned for another recipe tomorrow, and don’t forget to like/comment/subscribe/share!



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